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We here at Prima Luce Studio are here for one simple purpose: 
to capture the essence of your most meaningful moments in photographs.


Welcome to the blog for Prima Luce Studio! Here you will find updates on what we are up to including photo shoots, our thoughts on current wedding trends, and anything else related to wedding photography. Prima Luce Studio is comprised of Bill Reeves and Mary Kang, and we thought our first non-photo post should introduce you to who we are and what we are all about!

Bill is currently attending the University of Texas at Austin and is only a few short months away from completing his PhD in Advertising. While in the Master’s program his future wife gave him a camera and he instantly fell in love with photography and its capacity to share the human experience with others. His initial interest was in documentary photography as he sincerely wanted to share the best and worst our world has to offer with everyone he could. It was this desire to share the best moments in life that led him to wedding photography. While documentary work offers the opportunity to shine a light on the ills of the world, it is weddings that most often illustrate the joy that life is capable of. It is this joy that he hopes to capture in each wedding that he photographs!

His partner Mary Kang also studied Advertising at the University of Texas, completing her degree in 2011. She was always interested in photography, but it was not until her ex-boyfriend bought her a camera that her dream of being a photographer was sparked (we sincerely want to thank Mary’s ex-boyfriend). Mary fell in love with the idea of storytelling through images and strongly believes in the powerful messages that a single photo can create and the emotions they can convey. It is her job to capture the meaningful moments that are worth remembering. Her vision is to create images that bring warmth and empathy to people’s minds and hearts. She likes to call this ‘emotional telepathy.’ Mary loves to photograph weddings because they represent to her the pinnacle of what love is and can be. She genuinely is touched by each couple’s commitment to stay together for better or worse, and is honored to be able to be a part of that special moment.

Bill actually was the TA for Mary’s research class, which is where they first met and realized their shared passion for photography. Shortly after Mary’s graduation they decided to team up and for Prima Luce Studio in order to provide the highest quality of photography service to our clients. We focus on getting to know our clients both as individuals and as a couple so that we can best tell their story in a way that is unique to them. Our goal is to provide each of our couple’s with stunning images that will bring the emotions of that day rushing back to them even decades later.

Outside of photography, we both love cinema, music, and wasting endless hours on Youtube! Bill has been happily married for nearly two years to his wife, Sue, with whom he has 3 dogs and 2 cats. Between Prima Luce, his PhD, his animals, and his wife he doesn’t sleep…ever. Mary can also be found investigating unique coffee shops for the perfect place to hang out and work. Both of us are perpetually happy, and love to meet and work with new people. We also look forward to making 2012 a banner year for Prima Luce Studio and hope to make tons of new clients happy!


Bill and Mary


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