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Lacey + Donald | German Free School | Austin, Texas

Lacey and Donald absolutely adore each other! This is clear to anyone who spends even a moment with this beautiful couple, and it made our experience sharing their wedding day with them that much more enjoyable.

The German Free School was the backdrop for a truly special day filled love, laughter, hugs, kisses, and heavy metal…yes, heavy metal! More on that later! ;)

The venue features multiple gardens which are just lovely, as well as a historic home that is a perfect example of classic architecture. As the groom nervously attended to last-minute details in the gardens, the bride and her bridesmaids prepared upstairs. Mikayla Glover gave Lacey the perfect hair while Heather Nathanson-Flowers made certain her makeup was flawless. The finishing touch was a stunning gown by Maggie Sotterro (Courtesy of Barbara’s Bridal Boutique), which seemed like it was made just for Lacey. With every hair in place, her makeup ready, and the perfect gown, Lacey was ready to meet her awaiting groom.

One of the most amazing things about working with Donald is that every moment he was near Lacey he simply could not take his eyes off of her! He is clearly madly in love with her and it was so sweet to witness from the moment Lacey came down the aisle till the moment they left. His eyes were always filled with love and it was impossible to have your heart not turn to mush!

Juliana Murphy serenaded the couple during the ceremony, which was as sweet, loving, and unique as this couple! The couple’s exchanging of vows was joined by a Tibetan singing bowl and speeches that included Carl Sagan references and a reading from Harry Potter. There were no dull moments leading up to the first kiss, which brought those in attendance to their feet.

The gardens provided the perfect backdrop for the ceremony and toasts, while the upstairs veranda was a cozy, scenic spot for a first dance. Central Market provided beautiful bouquets and accented the gardens perfectly. With the first dance in the books it was time to kick off the party! Cakes from Upper Crust Bakery and Capital City Bakery satisfied everyone’s desire for tasty wedding treats while After These Messages got the music started and had everyone smiling and dancing!

Did we mention the heavy metal? Next door to the German Free School just happened to be a popular bar that on this day was hosting a heavy metal concert! All were concerned early in the day, however the concert did not get started until all festivities were successfully completed and truly did not interfere one bit with this special day. In fact, it led to one of the most memorable bouquet tosses we have ever witnessed as Lacey tossed a bouquet over the fence into the crowd of metal-goers! A friendly rocker was able to retrieve the bouquet and certainly left that concert with the most unique souvenir!

All in all this was a truly special day for two extraordinary people. Lacey and Donald are truly, deeply in love, and one cannot help but feel special for having been asked to be a part of it. We are crazy about this couple and are looking forward to what their life as a couple will bring. Congratulations you two!

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