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Black and White Portraits

From time to time we would like to share with you guys some of the work we enjoy doing when we are not working! As much as we love shooting with each of our clients, it can be a fun distraction to try other things now and then! One area of photography that Bill particularly loves is portraiture. Both of us love that photography gives us the ability to interact with people, and having a formal portrait sitting is one of the most direct ways to experience this interaction. Recently Bill did a few sittings with his 4X5 camera and we wanted to post a few of the resulting images. For those who have not seen a 4X5 camera, it is a large, film camera that produces negative 4″X5″. It’s the type of camera you always see in cartoons or when you think of Ansel Adams throwing a dark cloth over his head. Taking a portrait with a 4X5 takes more time than with a digital SLR, but we feel the results are worth it! Let us know if you agree!

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